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Estate Litigation FAQs

At the Sawyer Law Firm PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas, our lawyers represent clients in estate and probate litigation matters.

If you or your family has a dispute during the estate administration process, contact us online for representation.

When can a will be contested?

Parties may choose to contest a will if:

  • The decedent lacked testamentary capacity
  • They believe coercion or undue influence was involved
  • The will does not meet state law requirements
  • The individual who signed the will did not understand the purpose of what he or she was doing
  • It is a handwritten and does not meet state law requirements for handwritten wills

Contact Sawyer Law Firm PLLC if you think you have grounds for contesting a will.

I have serious concerns about the executor of an estate. Can an executor be removed?

Problems with executors and trustees are more common than you think, because an executor’s responsibilities are considerable. An executor can be removed when:

  • The executor cannot fulfill his or her duties
  • The executor’s actions and decisions are not in the estate’s best interests
  • Fraud has been committed
  • The estate’s payment obligations are not being met

How much does probate or estate litigation cost?

It varies, because lawyers bill in various ways for this type of litigation. Some attorneys work on an hourly basis. Some estate litigation attorneys receive a percentage of what he or she recovers.

Why do law firms charge a retainer fee for estate litigation?

The costs related to estate litigation can be significant. Costs include: attorney fees, deposition expenses, payments to court reporters and expert witnesses. Retainers can range from $5,000 to $25,000.

How much trial experience do the lawyers at the Sawyer Law Firm PLLC have?

Our attorneys collectively have more than 50 years of litigation experience.

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