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Questions To Ask
Before a Loved One Dies

In some cases, family members have the blessing and opportunity to spend time with a loved one before he or she passes away. If you have a parent for whom death is imminent, for example, you might not know many details that will be needed after your parent has died.

Below are important questions to ask. Knowing the answers to these questions can save considerable time, effort and money.

If you need help with these issues or have questions, contact the attorneys at the Sawyer Law Firm, PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas. We have decades of experience with estate and probate matters in Fort Worth, Tarrant County and throughout Texas.

Funeral or Memorial Service

Do you have written instructions for your funeral? Where are the instructions?

Do you want a funeral? Where would you like your service to be held? What do you want for music or readings?

Which mortuary/funeral home do you want us to use?

Do you have a prepaid burial contract?

Do you have burial preferences?

Do you own a burial plot?

What would you like on your tombstone?

Do you have any questions? Contact us today for help.


Have you written an obituary? If not, would you like to write one?

Wills, Trusts and Other Legal Documents

Do you have a will? Where is it located? Who is the executor?

Do you have any trusts? Where are those documents?

Where are other important documents, such as your Social Security number, birth certificate, marriage certificate, deeds, court records and passport?

Do you have a safe deposit box? Where is the key? Do you have a list with the box’s contents?


What are the general outlines of your estate? What do you have for insurance, pension, property, mortgages and investments? Where are these documents kept?

Whom do you work with for professional services, such as an attorney, accountant, insurance agent and financial planner?

Social Media

What are your social media accounts? What would you like to have done with the accounts after you die? Have you addressed those digital assets in your will, i.e. have you given your executor express authority over these assets?

Secret Hiding Place

Do you have a secret place where valuable assets are stored?


Where do you store passwords for online accounts, computers, mobile devices and other electronics?

Bills and Banking

Where do you keep records for your budget and bills? Are there online accounts or paper bills for utilities, debts, subscriptions, insurance and other bills? Is automatic payment set up for any of them?

Where do you do your banking?

How to Contact Us

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